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Best Practices

Best Practice 1

Title of the Practice

Promotion of universal values among students.

Objectives of the Practice
India is a country of multiple religions, castes, cultures and identities. Our country has been a paragon of harmonious existence- unity in diversity. It is our college’s vision to impart education that develops the mind and also the heart of the students in such a way that they understand, appreciate and promote the underlying philosophy of unity, tolerance and compassion as delineated in our Constitution. Promotion of universal values among students in a world which is leaning towards divisive and counterproductive practices is of utmost importance.

The context
Government P.G. College, Noida is dedicated towards imparting value based education to the students. Consequently, the academic calendar of every session incorporates activities and programs to promote mental and spiritual well-being of the students.

  • National Festivals- Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti are celebrated with great zeal in the college. The programs on these occasions are spearheaded by the students themselves. On Gandhi Jayanti ‘sarva dharma paath’ is organised to emphasise the sanctity of all religions in our country.
  • Constitution Day is celebrated wherein the preamble of our Constitution is read out to the students and the importance of the ideals enshrined in it is explained to them.
  • International Youth Day is celebrated to promote the philosophy of Swami Vivekanand and its significance for the students through competitions and activities.
  • The birth anniversaries of many great leaders such as Subhash Chandra Bose, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and many more are celebrated throughout the session in college so that the students remain connected with rich Indian heritage.
  • ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’ campaign was organised in the college to celebrate the diversity of India. Under the campaign many activities, seminars and competitions were organised to sensitise students about the rich cultural and historical heritage of India.
  • NCC, NSS and Rangers and Rovers play special role in organising activities during their camps to teach universal values to the students and subsequently propagate these values to the community through their outreach programs.
  • For the spiritual and mental well-being of the students programs on Yoga, Meditation and Stress are organised every year.
  • For the mental well-being of students counselling is provided to students through Mentor Mentee System.

Evidence of Success
Students participate in large number in the such activities and programs with great enthusiasm. They also take initiative in organising these activities.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required
Students are generally reluctant to cross their academic borders affecting the successful conduct of awareness programmes.
Organizing various programmes during working hours, sometimes, has led to sacrificing the class work.
There are also financial constraints while planning these activities.

Best Practice 2

Title of the Practice

Plantation Programme

Objectives of the Practice
In the age of global warming and acute level of pollution it is important to raise a generation of young minds who understand the problem of depletion of environment and the role of human beings in it. It is the objective of GPGC, Noida to provide green campus to its students so that the students enjoy close proximity with nature and understand its value in life. The plantation is done on the campus with a view to

  • To ensure plantation of different fruits and other useful plants & trees.
  • To raise an awareness in the students regarding the benefits of plantation.
  • To provide an eco-friendly atmosphere to students in college.

The context
Human mind in communion with nature is considered to be more active. To provide students an environment where constructive and innovative thinking is inculcated green campus is very important. Moreover, students who understand the importance of environment would also carry out the plantation in their homes and neighbourhood. The plantation program therefore

  • Raises an awareness regarding plantation.
  • Helps in combating the hazardous level of pollution in the city.
  • Helps in building the constructive thought process in students where they learn to live in harmony with the nature.
  • Helps in fulfilling the idea of developing a generation of ‘Paryavaran Praheris’ who are dedicated towards protecting the environment.

The Practice
Every year saplings are planted on the college campus in which the units of NSS and NCC play an important role. Plantation is also done on National festivals with the help of the students. In the session 2019-2020 more than 500 saplings were planted. Students are also given the responsibility of taking care of the plants that they have planted. Department of Botany also conducts green audit every year to record the growth of trees and catalogues the different types of trees on the campus.

Evidence of Success
The lush green campus of our college which is home to numerous kinds of birds and insects serves as an oasis of oxygen and greenery in the heart of Noida. Students take initiative to plant saplings and take care of them without any supervision from the teachers. Students understanding the importance of greenery carry out awareness programs in the neighbourhood and motivate people for plantation.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required
Though students show great interest in planting trees they do not take care of them later. Many saplings are destroyed or trampled upon because of irresponsible behaviour of students. It was a great challenge to raise an awareness in the students to take care of the plants so that they grow stronger and therefore become independent with time. Due to the immensity of the plantation done and the lack of financial resources it was not possible to enclose all plants within plant guards.