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Department of Commerce


The Bachelor of Commerce programme is a three year undergraduate programme for commerce students. The course is designed in such a way that student will not only enhance and enrich his/her knowledge in the field of commerce but will have theoretical, pragmatic and an enthusiastic approach towards the implementation of knowledge in economic spheres. The student will have many career opportunities in private as well as public sectors.

Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
Financial Accounting The student after passing the course will have the knowledge of evolution and history of financial accounting, as well as types of accounts. The knowledge can be beneficial for students in insurance & stock market etc.
Business Economics The student will have comprehensive knowledge of Business economics, meaning, nature and concepts. Student will know price determination, business cycle.
Business Environment The student will build an understanding about the concept meaning of business environment and how a conducive environment be created for proliferation of business.
Business Communication The paper will enhance the writing and presentation abilities of student, as he/she get acquainted to verbal &non verbal means of communication. The student is expected to be well versed in business writings and presentations when passes the course.
Business Statistics The student when learns this paper is expected to develop analytical ability and make effective use of various statistical tools. The paper gives student exposure to all kinds of statistical methods.
Business Regulatory Framework This paper will equip students with the knowledge and information of all kinds of laws, regulatory measures, contracts etc.this will enable students to have sound knowledge of legal framework of business.
Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
Company Law The student will have in depth knowledge of types of companies, the conversion of public into private companies, India Company Act etc and also about shares and market.
Principles of Business Management The student will learn about the principles of Business Management, its concept, management, objectives and Leadership. The student can use the knowledge of this paper to implement planned change and tackle resistance to change.
Income Tax This paper is unique in its own way as is a relevant and important paper for the students of commerce. They understand the evolution of income tax, income from property, agricultural income, reform in taxation system etc.
Cost Accounting The student will have a comprehensive learning of how to calculate various kinds of cost and the difference between finance and cost. This will enable student to estimate the budget of a company or business.
Public Finance The student gets comprehensive knowledge about public finance in this paper and is able to differentiate between public and private finance.
Entrepreneurship The student will develop a pragmatic approach after finishes the course about the ventures, establishment of MSME,how to get finance etc.
Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
Corporate Financial Accounting The paper will give formal inputs about the types of accounts and how they are managed, like their calculation procedure. The student has many career avenues after learning of this paper.
Marketing Management The student will have in depth knowledge of product, pricing, market selection, promotion in market management. The student can practically implement the knowledge in retailing and understand the new development in market.
E Commerce The student will have ability to determine difference between traditional business practices vs. E Commerce business practice. The learner will be ahead of time as will know about e governance, and will be able to delineate e commerce model for government.
Auditing The student will have fair knowledge about all types of audits, risks, frauds etc.The student will learn about the auditing of public sector undertakings and bank.
Economic Laws The importance of economic law and their implementation is the focus of this paper, which will enable the student to know about the existing as well as previously formed laws.
Management Accounting The student will come out with the strong base for account management. The analysis of accounts,budgets,importance of reports and their classification, variance analysis can be used in .