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Masters in Commerce

Department of Masters in Commerce


The Masters in Commerce programme is a two year four semester postgraduate programme for commerce students. The course is designed in such a manner that after passing it the student will have competence in marketing, auditing, evaluation of taxes, ethical and environment friendly business. The student will have many career options, as he/she can undertake research projects, Ph.D, NET, work in private or public sector and more over can start their own venture. The student will have enhanced reasoning, analytical and evaluative skills.

Semester Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
Direct Tax Law & Practice The course will give in depth knowledge about tax planning, evasion; planning etc.The student can use the knowledge in the vocation he chooses.
Financial Management The student will able to learn about meaning, nature, concept, scope and objectives of financial management, the working capital and management.
Statistical Analysis The student will have in depth, advance knowledge about the application and use of statistical analysis of data and use of various statistical tools in analysis of data and its interpretation.
Management Concepts & Organization Behaviour The paper will give student an idea about organizational behaviour and management. The concept learning of type and management of organizations will be beneficial for students in future.
ⅠⅠ Corporate Financial Accounting The student will have hands on learning about the accounts, consolidation of accounts, valuation of shares & intangible assets.
ⅠⅠ Indirect Taxes GST & Custom Law The student will be able to comprehend the taxation system which was there before implementation of GST and also will be able to draw difference between the preceding taxation system and the existent tax system. The paper will also provide knowledge about custom law.
ⅠⅠ Corporate Law & Governance The student after learning the course will be able to the types of corporate law and the prevalent form of Governance .There will also learning of CSR.
Semester Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
ⅠⅠⅠ Research Methodology The student will be ready for carrying out research after passing this course as he/she will be introduced to all kinds of tools & techniques operative in Research related to Commerce.
ⅠⅠⅠ Operation Research The student will be exposed to various methods operative in Operation Research like its meaning and importance, linear programming, linear curve theory, assignment problems, job sequencing etc.
ⅠⅠⅠ Strategic Management The student after passing the course will be able to demonstrate marketing strategy, data driven marketer, ethical marketer. Lifelong learner.
Marketing Management Course on Marketing Management will introduce to students about various decisions like product, pricing and promotion decision. This paper will provide skills of marketing management.
Managerial Economics Student after learning Managerial Economics will develop an understanding of applications of Managerial Economics; will be able to long run and short run costs.
International Marketing When student pass this course will be able to analyze and evaluate key analytical frameworks & tools used in marketing. The student will also get acquainted to concepts & factors related to international market.