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Masters in Economics

Department of Masters in Economics


The M.A. Semester programme in Economics is designed to incorporate the concepts related to the Principles of Economics, theories and an understanding of various economic forces. The programme will equip student with the economic facts, empirical understanding and also get required knowledge about latest in the field of economic policies, government plans and implementation of various developmental projects. The student when finishes the course will have comprehensive knowledge required for various competitive exams and form strong base for research.

Semester Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
Micro Economics I Students after finishing this course are expected to have comprehensive understanding of demand & supply, theory of cost, market etc. and develop analytical skills.
Macro Economics I After passing the course student is equipped with the skill of analyzing large aggregates. It provides empirical understanding of theoretical facts.
Quantitative Methods The student gets trained in the use of statistical analysis and can use these tools and techniques to understand economic problems.
Labour Economics Student get well versed in labour theories, wage markets, collective bargaining, globalized economy and the problems and issues related to developing economy with special reference to India.
ⅠⅠ Micro Economics II The paper equips students with the fair understanding of theories of distribution, welfare economics; general equilibrium in closed &open systems etc.The student is able to analyze economic behaviour under uncertainty.
ⅠⅠ Macro Economics II The student attains fair knowledge about monetary and banking operations and its correlation with globalized economy.
ⅠⅠ Economics of Growth & Development The paper equips students with the fair understanding of theories & factors of Economic Growth and can use the knowledge to design and implement policies and plans.
ⅠⅠ Industrial Economics & Entrepreneurship. The student gets thorough knowledge about the economics of Industry and debates related to industrial development of India.
Semester Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
ⅠⅠⅠ Public Economics The student gets acquainted to various fiscal institutions and develops understanding how political processes operate in distribution of wealth and income.
ⅠⅠⅠ International Economics The student when complete this course will have fair understanding how income, employment, social standards will impact the globalized world.
ⅠⅠⅠ Financial Institutions & Markets. The student after reading this course will be able to have fair understanding of various financial institutions and markets and the interrelation between market forces and real forces.
ⅠⅠⅠ Power Point Presentation & Viva Voce The use of this tool in presentation will equip students in their presentation skills and will be well versed in Microsoft office. This skill contributes in personality development of students.
Indian Economy The student after studying this paper will be able to comprehend the complexities of Indian Economy and will be able to understand plans, policies, taxation and other economic factors.
Demography The student after studying this course the student will be aware of importance of population in economic development. The student is acquainted with quantitative and qualitative aspects of population.
Environmental Economics The course will enable students to apply economic theories in public policy and management of environment and social sectors. The student will be able to make use of welfare economics effectively.