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Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness 2019-2020, Government Postgraduate College Noida

The mission of Government Post Graduate College Noida is to realize those values and ideals of nation building ,which have been envisioned by our leaders. It is with these ideals, the college endeavours to establish itself as a seat of higher learning, with the mission of disseminating knowledge and information to all sections of society, especially to those social groups which are either socially, culturally or economically deprived. Keeping in mind this objective the Government Post Graduate College Noida toils to provide education all across the sections of society irrespective of caste, class and gender. Therefore distinctive to its vision the college entertains admissions of the students across all the caste categories and economic background, simultaneously ensuring reservation and weightage system in the admission process so that vision of educational equality can be realised. These students are from such economic and social background that they are not much exposed to ICT learning and use of modern gadgets in their learning process. The college organizes seminars ,ppt presentations etc so that the students are exposed and motivated to make use of these gadgets and technology. The students are encouraged to participate in the learning process and they are imparted education by the faculty members in such a manner that the students are ready for the future challenges and are able to cope with the new demands of the society. The priority and thrust of the college has been to provide best academic facilities and platform for student activities, and the college has been successful to an extent in this endeavour, as our students especially girls students came out in flying colours in various competitions. Thus college prioritise overall development of its students and the faculty of the institution is constantly engaged in realizing the vision of the college.

Performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust

Women empowerment is an area of priority and concern for GPGC, Noida. Women constitute more than 60% of the total student strength of the college. The majority of them belong to the underprivileged section of society. With limited means in their family, they are often socially and economically deprived. The college aspires to provide them an atmosphere where they can build their confidence and learn to take decisions independently. For this purpose, the Women Cell, Career Counselling Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell, Proctorial Board, and Mentor-Mentee system are operated with a special focus on the needs and requirements of the girl students. Awareness programs on gender issues are organized to enable the students to realize their full potential for learning and solving their problems independently.

Debates and discussions are held on gender equality to enable the students to realize gender sensitization, thus leading to more equality and harmony in family and society. There is one NCC unit for girls and one unit of NSS and Rangers respectively. Girls are encouraged to join these institutions to develop in them leadership qualities and prepare them for the challenges in their future. In the parents-teachers meet the parents are counselled by the teachers about the benefits of extra-curricular activities for the students especially girls so that they encourage their wards to actively participate in the college programs. As a result, girls generally participate in larger numbers than boys in the activities – cultural, academic, and sports- organised by the college. Even academically girls have performed better than boys in recent years.