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Masters in Zoology

Department of Masters in Zoology


The Masters in Zoology is a two year semester based post graduate course. The student is expected to have thorough knowledge of the course when he passes out. The course is designed in such a way that student can have career in core subject as well as in applied area. Masters degree is gateway to research,teaching,NET,JRF,Environmentalist,Immunologist,Pathalogist etc.

Semester Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
Economic Zoology and Taxonomy The student will have wider knowledge of Science of taxonomy, principles of Zoological classification, Economic insects, domestic animals, biological control etc.
Evolutionary Biology The paper provides comprehensive learning about evolution of life in different conditions. types of evolution, distribution and dispersal of animals etc.
Non Chordata The student when passes this course comes out with the learning of types of Non Chordata like Protozoa and its general characterstic,Porifera,Helminths etc.
Cell and Molecular Biology The student gets introduction about cell its structure, ultra structure, organization, cell membrane, cell division etc.and also acquainted with molecular biology.
ⅠⅠ Biostatistics & Bioinformatics The student will be introduced to the basic concepts of Biostatistics, methods, techniques &tools etc and also about the basics of operating system, GenBank, DNA database of various countries.
ⅠⅠ Genetics The student will get acquainted to the principles of Genetics, Mendelian principles, Chromosomes, gene mapping, population genetics etc.genetic disorders, organization of genetic material.
ⅠⅠ Animal Physiology The student will get acquainted to animal physiology, knowing about all the systems like circulatory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system
ⅠⅠ Bio Chemistry The student is required to have understanding of basic structure of atoms, molecules and chemical bonds. Principles of biophysical chemistry and much more.
Semester Paper Titles Programme Specific Outcome/Course Outcome
ⅠⅠⅠ Chordata The student will have detailed study of protochordata, vertebrate ancestry, fish, and bird, reptiles’ etc.mammals general and special characteristics.
ⅠⅠⅠ Developmental Biology The student will have an understanding of developmental biology, its history, background, related theories, basic concept of development, gametes, fertilization etc.
ⅠⅠⅠ Environmental Biology The student will have an understanding of environment, population ecology, community ecology, habitat and niche, Biogeography, Environmental perceptions etc.
ⅠⅠⅠ Animal Behaviour The student is required to have understanding of stereotyped behaviour, learning and behaviour, environmental perceptions. etc.
Advanced Cell Biology The student after learning the concept about advanced cell biology, its structure, cell membrane, life cycle of cell, organization of tissues etc.
Chromosome and Genomic Organization. The student will have the fair knowledge about chromosome its structure, gene mapping, genomic organization.
Genomic Analysis, Immunogenetics The students after completion of the course is expected comprehends gene design and alter it. The student can analyze gene structure and use his/her knowledge of research.
Human & Microbial Cytogenetic The student will have the basic understanding of chromosome, human cytogenetic student is required to have understanding of, morphology & taxonomy of insects, embryology etc.